Top 4 Reasons to Buy a Pomsky

Pomskies are the cutest breeds you will want to see around your home. They are adorable, loyal and protective designer dogs currently.

If you haven’t come across a Pomsky then I would want to let you know that they are very beautiful and also powerful guard dogs since they produce loud barks and sensitive to detect anything approaching the door.

Note that a Pomsky is a breed that people can bond with easily. The demand for these designer dogs is high but still, on the same, there are cone people who will cheat you and the fact that these dog breeds come with a hefty price tag, you need to be careful when buying one.

Essentially, a Pomsky is a cross breed of a female Siberian Husky and a male Pomeranian and they have been loved by many people worldwide. The Pomsky lifespan is 12 to 14 years so it’s a major commitment.

These are just facts that you need to know about Pomskies but most importantly, our article is meant to enlighten you on the reason to get a Pomsky.

Just keep reading to know why you should get one.

  1. Pomskies are awesome and have a good personality

As we have mentioned above that the Pomsky is a cross breed between a Husky and a Pomeranian. The two breeds have awesome personalities and the Pomsky takes both personalities together. The Husky has a calm personality while the Pomeranian is very active and also calm.

The Pomsky combines these personalities and is very helpful, pleasant and will live well with people of all ages. Pomskies hyperactive by nature and you will enjoy seeing their playful yet hyperactive nature. They will entertain you and you will never regret having bought a Pomsky.

  1. A Pomsky is friendly to kids and other pets

If you have kids and other pets in your home, then you should not get worried when buying a Pomsky. This breed is very friendly and will interact with your kids and other pets you breed at your home.

The good thing about Pomskies is that they are cute and your kids will love them. Once your kids love them they also love your kids and will make a great companion.

Also, Pomskies are intelligent breeds and can take part in any games so they are good for energetic kids.

  1. A Pomsky is small in size

The Husky and Pomeranian are small animals and so they produce a small breed which is the Pomsky. Pomskies do not grow to be very large.

A large Pomsky can weigh 29 pounds so you do not need to worry about looking for a wider yard to breed them. Their sizes make them possible to be accommodating even in small homes.

They can breed in small yards but when choosing a Pomsky, you must know the size, the coat type, and its temperament.

  1. Pomskies are easy to breed

Pomskies are energetic and will need regular exercise. The fact that they are small in size, exercising with them can be done in your home yard whether small or large.They are able to groom themselves so you don’t have to worry about bathing them regularly. You can bathe them two times a month.


If you know what a Siberian husky is then you will love to have a Pomsky in your home. These breeds are adorable and beautiful. In fact, you can stare at them for a long period of time without getting tired.

What we should emphasize before we are done writing this article is that you should ensure you are ready for all the responsibilities that come with owning one. You should not buy one just because it is handsome and beautiful.