Pets Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Finding the right breed for you can be a long road to discovery. Knowing that pets come in all shapes in sizes and from all kinds of backgrounds makes it difficult to to sift through all the categorizations of dogs and cats available to someone in search of a friend or family pet. Although pets can provide a long life of entertainment and can teach us so many things with their time here not all pets or breeds are meant for everyone given each situation. Keep an eye out for some of the things that can alter whether or not you should choose one animal over another.

Cats versus dogs is the first thing you should examine before you make the move to adopting a pet. It isn’t easy going back after you’ve already chosen a friend. Cats are predominantly more hands off than dogs are however that does not mean they don’t require upkeep to maintain a certain level of health. If the animal isn’t able to travel outside then constant litter box cleaning can be necessary to keep the odor low. Cats do stick around the house but are not as emotionally needy as dogs are which I see as one of their more positive features since they offer a lot more to you in the sense they really see you as a blessing in their lives as much as you appreciate them for what they are.

Smaller dogs take up much less space and produce less waste than larger breeds do however they can be very high energy and sometimes can be yappy as well. Smaller breeds tend to live a lot longer than larger ones which saves on medical bills as well since larger breeds tend to have more problems down the road in which case the end of the road comes sooner. Large breeds do a lot for the house in that they keep burglars away and prove to be great home defenders. As well as large breeds like Great Danes have all the regal appearance of the biltmore.

It’s important that you respect the needs or different animals and make sure that you’re choosing someone that is capable of fitting the demands you set for them. A long life of love and joy can be found in these creatures and although we don’t always deserve it they have a genuine affection for mankind that we are foolish to take for granted.