Introduce a New Puppy to a Resident Cat

Getting a new puppy can be an amazing experience for both owner and pet. However getting a puppy when you have a resident cat can seem stressful due to the fact that they are often portrayed as enemies, and that is just not true.  Introducing a puppy to a cat will take you some time and patience, but if you arm yourself with both, your pets could eventually become best friends. To make that first introduction go as smooth as possible, you should keep some things in mind.

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Introduce a New Puppy to a Resident Cat

Separate Them

You do not know how your cat will react to a puppy at first, or puppy to the cat. Puppies are very social animals, while cats are extremely territorial and they may not like to have a new guest in their residence at first. First step to introduction is to keep them separated in their own rooms at first. Their water and food bowls need to be in these rooms.

Introduce their Scents to One Another

You can start this by exchanging cat’s favorite towel or blanket with puppy’s favorite blanket. This way your cat can get familiar with puppy’s scent and vice versa. Once they get familiar with each other’s scent you can then start with a next phase which is switching their rooms. Put your cat in a room where you’ve been keeping puppy and put your pup in the cat’s old room. This will make them more used to being around each other. You need to switch their rooms several times before they are ready to actually meat one another.

How to Introduce a Puppy to Your Cat?

After they had a chance to explore each other’s scent for some time, it has come the time to introduce them at last. Since cats are very cautious and fearful, and puppies on the other hand can be too excited and they may start to chase the cat so I suggest putting a leash on a pup. This is a perfect way for you to see how they react to one another.  Make sure your cat has places to jump to if she feels threatened, she may want to watch puppy from above, because they just like that. They enjoy watching us from above, cleaning their litter boxes and doing other things for them, why would they feel different with a puppy. Another thing you can try is to cuddle your cat first, and then take your pup on the other side and start cuddling them at a same time. Show them that you can provide a same doze of love and affection for both of them.

Living Together

Even though popular belief states that cats and puppies can’t live together, it is far from the truth. However since puppies like to chase and play all the time so you’ll need to plan fun activities and get toys that he can chase instead of cat. If he however goes for the cat, do not punish him right away, since that can be counterproductive.  Reward your pup every time he shows positive behavior in cat’s presence and toward her and like I already mentioned provide your cat with enough high surfaces to jump to when she feels threatened or would just like to be alone and observe. And another very important thing keep cat’s food out of puppy’s reach, so again high surfaces are in in need, because puppy would eat cat’s food too. And you don’t want your pup getting sick or a cat mad at a puppy.

Final Verdict

This doesn’t have to be arranged marriage situation and you can have harmony at your home. I guess it is different with every cat and puppy and I know this seems like a lot of work, but with enough patience and discipline it is possible, they can become best friends and you can have enjoyable living experience with your pets.