Pets Care

Keeping Pets Safe When You Travel

It is a common sight these days to see pets traveling with their owners. These are sometimes instances where extended trips are planned. It is difficult to be separated from your pets for this length of time. Some people are traveling for work while others for pleasure. Having your pet with you gives you peace of mind and provides comfort to the pet. It is important to purchase the right pet travel carrier

There are a number of things to consider with these purchases. One of these is your knowing what the particular airline requires for pets. According to, each airline has different requirements for pets. This may involve the size of the pet, as well as, the type of pet. Although dogs and cats are most often seen on these flights, they are among many other pets that travel with owners. 

Dog and cat owners understand the importance of making their pets comfortable. This is especially crucial when they are traveling by air. These can sometimes be stressful trips for the pet, which is why comfort is essential. Mr. Peanuts Premium Products are made to accommodate your pet’s needs. Let’s take a look at some of the features of airline approved products you can find for your pet travel carrier. 

Detailed Frameless Carriers 

Frameless carriers are much more convenient than the average kennel-style product. These are usually designed with comfort in mind. Small, medium and large pets can be accommodated with these particular carriers. It is also possible to find these with other detailed features, such as soft-siding and fleece padding. 

Easy Placement Carriers 

One of the things to look for when shopping for a travel carrier is one that actually fits under airline seats. The typical seat is 8.5” and allows for storage of certain carry-on bags. The most dependable and useful pet carriers can be placed easily in this space. You will also be able to find these carriers from Mr. Peanuts Premium Products with duffle bag designs. 

Airlines consider a variety of things when it comes to pets flying with owners. Some of these animals fit into the service category and have special policies for travel. North American policies may vary from those associated with international travel. This means that it is important to check for these policies and regulations prior to planning your trip

Since pets are usually required to stay in their carriers, their comfort has to be considered. Shopping for specific product details is helpful for these purchases. You know your pet and what helps them to calm down on a flight. Finding the right carrier for your pet will ensure this comfort for the length of your flight, whether for work or vacation travel.