Storage ideas using cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes areseen lying around you all the time. Whether you have gone to a holiday or maderapid purchases, your storeroom gets filled up with custom boxes. When people find no way out, either they throw themin the recycling bin or stack them flat on a corner of the storeroom. Anotherway is to use these custom cardboardboxes in a creative manner to make a variety of storagesolutions. They are extremely easy to make. You need not to spend a singlepenny. Make them by using some of the common supplies available with you. Itwould a great fun. Moreover, it organizes your space in an attractive manner.Below are some of the interesting storage ideas using cardboard boxes?

  • DIY Fabric Bin:

Making a fabricstorage bin out of old custom packagingboxes is a great idea. Take some large boxes. Remove their lids and coverthem with a colorful fabric. If you want to give it a neat look, also cover thebox from inside. Make two holes on the opposite side of the box by using apuncher. Tie a strong ribbon to make the storage bin easy to carry. Store yourimportant stuff inside. This will save your time in searching the things hereand there at the hour of need.

  • Bathroom Stuff Organizer:

Usually, the bathrooms look very untidy because of unorganized pantry items, cleaning supplies, and craft materials. Creating a bathroom stuff organizer is an interesting idea to wind up all the mess. For it, take some used custom printed boxes. It is very easy to make. Cut off its lid. Either invert its side or cover it with a thick fabric like jute or burlap. A fine way is to use the finished end of the burlap as a top edge. Start rotating the box and apply glue side by side. Press the burlap strip to give it a neat look. As the strip ends, fold it inward and apply hot glue so that it remains fixed. You can prepare it in a number of colors and design according to your level of creativity.

  • Foldable Shoe Rack:

Shoes are very difficult to organize but this cardboard shoe rack can organize them well. You can easily fold it when you want and place it somewhere else. For making it, gather a number of custom boxes lying in your storeroom. Cut their taped ends to make them flat. Make triangles out of the cardboard sheets. This will create a number of triangular tubes. If you want you can close their one end. Now take a thick sheet of corrugated cardboard. Place the triangular tubes on it as shown in the image. Use a duct tape to fix them out. Repeat the process to make a three layer shoe rack. You can put an extra cardboard piece for large odd sized boots.

  • Desk Organizer:

The custom boxes gathered from food packaging can be used to make desk organizers. This never makes your drawers messy. You can put your important things in it and find them easily when needed. It’s your choice you want to create them with or without lids. Take any of the old custom boxes. Cut them from middle according to the required size. Paint or cover them with a wrapping paper. You can also draw an attractive pattern on them. Making dividers facilitate you to store a variety of things separately.

  • File Storage:

These hanging file storage are the updated version of old custom cardboard boxes, which you think of no use. For this purpose, take a long sheet of cardboard. Cover it with some fabric. Now you have to decide how many sections you want to make of hanging file storage. Cut the cardboard pieces accordingly. Fix them horizontally on the sheet one above the other. You require a strong adhesive or hot glue to fix them up. It will serve as a perfect storage for file, mails, envelops and other important documents.