Six Features to Look for in a Dog Bed

Whether you have a miniature poodle or a Great Dane, your dog needs a place where it can sleep without being disturbed. When it comes to dog beds, there are so many options it can be overwhelming to make a choice. Consider six features to keep in mind when selecting the right bed for your dog.

The Proper Size

To choose a bed of the proper size you have to measure the length of your dog. Choose a bed that gives your dog a little bit of room to spread out. But, avoid getting a bed that is way too big for your dog. Many dogs like to feel cuddled by the sides of their dog bed.

Soft, Non- Allergenic Material

Some dogs have seasonal allergies or allergies to particular things in a home. A bed made of non-allergenic material can give your dog a comfortable, restful sleep even if it doesn’t have any allergies. If you buy dogs beds online, be sure to check the description to see if the material is non-allergenic.

Easy to Clean

It’s important to look for a dog bed that is easy to clean. Hair, dirt, dog food and even fleas can get onto the fabric of your dog’s bed. So, getting a dog bed you can put into the washer and dryer can contribute to keeping it in good condition for years.


Look for a dog bed made with durable material like polyester, so it can endure frequent washes and chewing as well as the general wear and tear caused by a dog. Some dogs even like to drag or carry their beds around in their mouth. They like to put their bed in a different location around the house. Keep these things in mind when examining the material and construction of dog beds.

Appropriate Thickness

The size and type of dog you have can help you figure out how thick the dog bed should be. For instance, if you have a Golden Retriever, you should look for a bed that has an inch or more of thickness. You don’t want your dog to rub against the hard floor beneath the bed as it sleeps. Alternatively, if you are getting a bed for your chihuahua, then you can get one that’s a half inch thick or less. Chihuahuas are very light, so they won’t weigh the bed down when they settle in for a nap.

The Right Shape

The best shape for any dog’s bed is circular or oval. This is because dog’s like to be
hugged by the sides of the bed. The hugging shape gives your dog warmth and comfort as it takes a time out or goes to sleep for the night.

Lastly, dog beds are available in many colors giving you the opportunity to get one that fits in with the rest of the décor. If you get a dog bed for a particular room you can choose one that goes with the sofa, chairs or even the carpeting. You can select a comfy bed for your dog that enhances the look of your home!