Female Boxer Dog Heat Cycle – Symptoms and Actions

In recent times, the boxer breed has gained popularity in homes to be kept as a pet around the world. A Boxer dog is well known for its happy, hyper and social behavior; as a great companion pet.  Before you think of getting a boxer breed for your family it’s important to know its gender. Both Male and female Boxer dogs are great pets.  It’s important to understand how the body of a female boxer dog behaves, to make it easy for you to take of your pet. A female Boxer dog is a little shorter in size than the male one’s and goes through heat cycles or different times as the body responds biologically. It is important to understand the female boxer dog heat cycle if you plan to keep one as a pet.

In its life span, a female boxer dog reaches puberty at the age of 2, which I 18 years as the human life cycle. Most Families have their female boxer dogs at this age and it’s important to know how to respond to these cycles and how to know about your pet animal.  It’s important to keep a check if your boxer dog reproduces, is in pain or shows symptoms of going in isolation. A female boxer dog heat cycle usually occurs twice a year and the time span of one cycle is about three weeks. It’s is normal to observe these heat cycles for your dog by the age of 2, but if by 24 months no such occurrence happens it must be taken to the vet.

As an owner, it is important to take your female boxer dog for monthly Checkups and get Spayed if you want their cycles to be controlled.  Keep your pet in a safe, calm and clean corner of your house where it has enough space when the female boxer dog heat cycle occurs. It is important to keep your Female boxer away from un-neutered dogs when you take your pet put, to keep it safe. Symptoms might show some redness in the pee of your female boxer dog which can be smelled by dogs form miles away. Once you  take your boxer outside, keep her on leash and keep her supervised. It is important to be around your female boxer to keep her safe and protected.

  • Give your Pet attention

Your female boxer dog might get irritated; make noises while it is on heat. Take care of her properly and make sure she is well fed and given proper nutritional value.

  • Set an Exercise Routine

It is important to keep your boxer dog active and involved in playful activities and exercises.  Give her toys and let the dog be active outside but make sure it is away from the other dogs.

  • Get the boxer dog spayed

All those owners who do not want a litter of puppies being reproduced by your boxer dog visit your vet and get it spayed.

  • Give them Treats and Toys

It’s not easy to distract your female boxer dog from showing symptoms when it is on heat. But it does tone down, when it is awarded with chew toys, treats and toys to keep her busy and happy.

Keep your Pet animals, safe, happy and clean as they are your responsibility and part of the family.

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